Depression. Where does it ultimately come from?

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Your mind is capable of computing with 100% accuracy and clarity every time.

So why don’t you always end up on top?

Why is it you keep making so many mistakes?

What keeps you shackled to making the same wrong choices over and over.

Your basic personality is strong, vigorous and constructively good.

So why didn’t you get that last promotion?

Why did your wife/husband leave you?

That last investment opportunity, why didn’t it work out?

Why are you having so many problems with your child?

Every time you make a decision and decide to change, the chains and shackles in your reactive mind will make sure you stay right where you are. You might be able to train yourself a little bit like a dog – and some people can help you with that, but that won’t let you reach your full potential.

Do You Know What You Want From Your Life?

Of course you do. Most people do.  You want love, good health, wealth, happiness, care and understanding. Do you know what’s stopping you from getting what you want? Well it’s all buried deeply where you can’t see it in your reactive mind. (The stimulus response mind.)

You know what I’m talking about . . . have you ever said something to someone and then thought why did I say that? Of Course you have. Everyone has. Well your responses to life at the moment are all preprogrammed within you.

All the emotions you feel on a day to day basis have been programmed into you since before you were born. You think your emotions are unique and every thought you have is original. I hate to tell you this it is all preprogrammed into you.  The original and real you the has all these great or bright ideas never really gets a chance.

After you do the techniques in Dianetics you can shatter the blocks that are holding you back from your goals, without drugs, hypnotism or other artificial means, these links and chains are shattered.

What would your life feel like without these blocks. If you really could now make a decision and know you could bring it about. Really how would you feel. I can tell you it’s a bit like winning the lottery. You get yourself back. And your baggage can be a thing of the past.

Without these blocks, an individual has a higher persistency in life and a much higher intelligence. The purpose of your mind is to solve the problems related to survival. So I guess the question must be asked – how well do you want to survive? At what actual level because there are many levels of survival.

Don’t just keep dreaming about it, don’t waste any more time wishing you could have things that you want that are out of your reach. Do something about it today . . .

Become the person you’ve always wanted to be. You know, successful, happily married with your dream partner and living in your dream home in your dream location; taking holidays to exotic places.

By the way, these blocks won’t go away by themselves. They are like chains and the links need to be unlocked for the chains to fall away and unleash you into your ideal life.

Why wait a minute longer. Thirty-nine hours reading a book is not a long time to invest to find out how you can change the rest of your life for the better.

With Dianetic’s, the problems of thought and mental function can be resolved. You CAN reach your full potential. Order your copy of Dianetic’s today. 

I have enjoyed the study of Dianetics, the actual disciplines of devoting time and energy to a premise that was full of personal interests to me. Being audited was a very powerful sensation full of emotions that had been unreleased for years. One instance which I had forgotten about totally, involved a factory accident where I had been electrocuted. I released a great charge at this point and have been much happier since. I am more awake and alive.  D. W. (Canberra)

Many people I know have not had the benefits of Dianetics. Since I’ve done the course I am now able to think clearly and can see why people go crazy due to their reactive mind. I can’t wait to help my friends and family. W. N. (Canberra.)


Here is also a set of DVDs to also help you quickly understand the concept of the book.

There is also Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

There are other Dianetics Books.

And there are lectures of Dianetics that were recorded over seventy years ago.

And here is more information about the author, L. Ron Hubbard.

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