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Introducing The Drug Free Way To a Healthy Mind


I have been counseling Dianetics since 1987, in different countries around the world.

This subject is simple to learn and this above book on Dianetics teaches how. I deliver Dianetics exactly how it is presented from this book. It is easy to learn and practice. You can do it at home.

There are also courses on how to learn Dianetics. The Dianetics Seminar minimally takes a week end.

I also counsel Dianetics.


One does not do this for any great reward. When I hear a person say their whole life just changed from my counseling that is reward enough. But I am not so foolish to think a few hours counseling will totally handle a lifetime of misery for some. I have been doing this for 22 years. It works. I know what I can fix.

That is why I want you to read this book. Yes. Buy the book. Order it and I will get it shipped to you. Then – if you want – I can stay in email contact with you and take you through the steps of this book so you can learn it for yourself.

There is no pressure and no hype. I just want you to get better.

And, if you want, I will offer you the free counseling to try it out. 

Why would I do this?  I am not desperate to meet people. I am not a compulsive helper. But if you have clicked onto this site you are looking for an answer, a real one. A natural one that works. Dianetics helped me and it has helped millions. I have counseled Australia, Japan, India, Nepal and Indonesia. 

So, what have you got to lose? The price of this book is already heavily discounted. If you do not want me to email you, I will not. Just let me know. But in all likelihood, you have read this far and have decided you can accept some help.

Dianetics does work. Buy the book and see. You can ring me any time, email me or just drop in.

Good luck!

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