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This is about courses and how a person learns how to audit.

Lake, trees, and clouds in Canbrra. Dianetics and Scientology Canberra.

Hubbard Dianetic Seminar – Dianetics and Scientology Canberra

This seminar is for those who want to be more proficient at drug-free natural Dianetic counseling. The opening words of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health state:

Canberra afternoon clouds. Dianetics and Scientology Canberra.

Dianetics Code of Practice and your Professional Auditing Ability

A Code of Professional Conduct The Auditor’s Code, by L. Ron Hubbard, is a fundamental tool of auditing (Auditing: Counseling, taken from the Latin word audire which

Late afternoon with the sun and lake. Dianetics and Scientology Canberra.

The Auditor’s Code for Professional Conduct

By L. Ron Hubbard . If you audit someone else, or you receive it, you will be pleased to know there is a code on

Canberra. Dianetics and Scientology Canberra

A Professional Lecture Set for you to become a Professional Auditor

Product Description This blogger has been counselling people with Dianetics since 1987. It is genius and works. But until I listened to these lectures there

Canberra and late sun. Dianetics and Scientology Canberra

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The Clear by L. Ron Hubbard Dianetically, the optimum individual is called the Clear. One will hear much of that word, both as a noun