Be free of Being Broken Hearted

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A broken heart is a real thing. It is real. It has a real cause. Its symptoms are as obvious as a knife through the chest. We have all felt it, like a burning hot iron. But what causes it? Why is it there?

What does a broken-heart do? It seems to suck the life out of you. In actual fact, it traps the life force within you.

The glow of life dims with each successive broken heart. It fades, like a fire going out, until only embers remain.

Will you repeat this broken heart phenomena? Yes. Why? That is the question, why. Will you likely feel it again? Probably, unless….

Can something be done about it? Yes. Can one be rid of the anguish and agony of a broken heart? Yes. Can one live life feeling a full life again? Yes.

Is true happiness possible? Yes.

The mental ill-effects of the broken heart are found in the reactive mind. How many times have you pledged that you would give anything to be rid of the feeling of that pain?

How many times have you given up on finding someone you might love because of the pain of separation? You know what it feels like. Well, it is not time you did what you pledged and get rid of the broken heart, the sadnesss? It drags you down. It saps the very life-force out from you. You can get that zest and youth feeling back. Do it. Millions have.

“The reactive mind is possessed by everyone. No human being examined anywhere was discovered to be without one or without aberrative content….”

This is a natural counseling therapy and for millions it has been effective. People are all different. But the reactive mind is what they all have in common. Buy this book and work it out.   You read it. You judge.


Here is also a set of DVDs to also help you quickly understand the concept of the book.

There is also Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

There are other Dianetics Books.

And there are lectures of Dianetics that were recorded over seventy years ago.

And here is more information about the author, L. Ron Hubbard.

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