Be Free of Boredom: Live life!

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Be free naturally.

From Dianetics and Scientology Canberra. Boredom is real. Chronic boredom is hideous.

Did life once have a shine to it? Yes. But now your life is dull? Yes?

Did you have a thriving desire and ambition, and then life all went quiet?

Lost interest in what was once joyful?

Feel just utterly bored?

Your life has reached a level of no ambition?

Lost interest in your marriage? Your children? Your business?

Guess what. Really, you are not unusual. It is not good, but it is natural. And it can be fixed naturally.

Some may take a pill for their answer. Some of those may become suicidal and even addicted for life. Drugs sometimes can work like that. Some may seek an attorney and  divorce, or worse, have multiple relationships to get some action in life.

But one does not need to almost get killed to get some interest back in life. There is a far less dangerous and much more survival natural solution.

There is a real reason why boredom sets in. The above are not an answer for boredom. No pills, no extra marital relationships, no crazy life risking efforts can promise to raise a person above boredom. They may even have the reverse affect, drop a person down into antagonism and further into anger. A bored person is only marking time until he drops down into these other lower emotional states.

The solution simply lies within the pages of the book Dianetics.

Can something be done naturally about boredom? Yes. Can one be rid of the slothfulness of boredom? Yes. Can one live life feeling a full life again? Yes. Be free of being bored and free of the receipt of bad effects of boredom.

Is true happiness possible? Yes.

The mental ill-effects of boredom are found in the reactive mind.

You do not have to be bored in life if you do not want to be.

You do not have to stay a victim to boredom if you do not want.

The choice is yours. 

“The reactive mind is possessed by everyone. No human being examined anywhere was discovered to be without one or without aberrative content….

Dianetics is a natural counseling therapy that anyone can learn and for millions it has been effective. People are all different. But the reactive mind is what they all have in common. Buy this book and work it out.  Learn it for yourself. Understand yourself.

You read it. You judge.


Here is also a set of DVDs to also help you quickly understand the concept of the book.

There is also Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

There are other Dianetics Books from Dianetics and Scientology Canberra.

And there are lectures of Dianetics that were recorded over seventy years ago.

And here is more information about the author, L. Ron Hubbard.

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