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Leadership is a natural ability. If you read the LEADERSHIP  essay below you will see what defines a leader.

The first test is; are you competent?. You will know if you are.

If you make mistakes but you know what to do, and still make errors, then this site could be for you.

Is there something holding you back? Keep reading.

Can you enthuse others? If not, then why not? Read on and find out.

Can you communicate well? Can you have affinity for others? These are necessary for leadership. If you do not have this, then read on and find out why.

Do you have the intensity and courage to be a leader? If only sometimes, then read on and find out why.

Can you inspire with purpose and competence?  Again, if not then there is a natural reason.

Dianetics is a natural therapy and education, and for millions it has been effective. People are different. But the reactive mind that plagues them is what they have in common. Buy this book or movie and work it out. You judge if it is true.

Essay: LEADERSHIP by L. Ron Hubbard 

In order to get his job done, an executive must be someone from whom others are willing to take orders.

The first test any follower of a leader requires the leader to meet is competence. Does the leader know what he is doing? This is already covered in the definitions of an executive. For if an executive meets these definitions, those to whom he must give orders are very likely to receive them in confidence.

There is a great deal of mystique (qualifications or skills that set a person or thing apart and beyond the understanding of an outsider) connected with leadership. Most of this mystique is nonsense; however, it is necessary that one who leads can attract attention and that he can enthuse and interest others. Simply knowing more about the subject than others or knowing more about organization than others can cause an executive to be regarded respectfully or even with awe.

A common denominator to all good executives is the ability to communicate, to have affinity for their area and their people and to be able to achieve a reality on existing circumstances. All this adds up to understanding. An executive who lacks these qualities or abilities is not likely to be very successful.

Understanding, added to competence, is probably the most ideal character of an executive.

The ability to lead can also be compounded of forcefulness and demandingness, and these two qualities are often seen to stand alone in leadership without regard to competence and, though acceptable to juniors to the degree that they are often part of a successful executive’s personality, they are not a substitute for other qualities and will not see him through. He must truly understand what he is doing and demonstrate competence on a long-term basis in order to achieve distinction and respect.

In all great leaders there is a purpose and intensity which is unmistakable. Plus there is a certain amount of courage required in a leader.

A man who merely wants to be liked will never be a leader. Others follow those who have courage to get things done even when though they say they follow those they like. A broad examination of history shows clearly that men follow those they respect. Respect is a recognition of inspiration, purpose and competence.

The qualities of leadership are not difficult to attain, provided they are understood.

L. Ron Hubbard 29 Oct 1971


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