Free Yourself of Acute Anger?

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Be free of it naturally. From Dianetics and Scientology Layman Canberra.

Anger is real. It can have a function in surviving, warding off predators. Its symptoms are obvious. But there are times when it may not aid survival, and it dominates us. We have all felt it, like a current running through the body causing us to lash out and hurt another we love. So why is it there?

What does anger do? It seems tied to the adrenal system. But what is behind that? It can destroy marriages, wreck children’s dreams, destroy society, and bring on war.

You have seen the angry person, brooding, as though waiting to lash out. You avoid such a person. But what can be done to help him or her? What is the real cause behind this internal personal war?

Is the cause a broken home? A severe beating when a teen, or younger? A bad education? These may lie on the path, but actually are not the source. They trigger it.

You may get angry yourself, hurt someone you love, and beg for another chance, and feel relief when they do not leave. But again you see your hopes evaporate when you again lash out against your own best internal restraint?

So what causes this? You told yourself you would not do that again, yet you did.

Anger can be useful in dispelling a threat from the environment. Raise a stick in anger and see the threat run and hide.

But that is not the case when you attack your spouse. And what about children? Who  has raised a fist at a defenseless child, and maybe even struck?

Is that natural? NO. To harm who you love is not natural. To protect from harm those you love is natural.

So what is happening?

Is there some source of the anger otherwise not known about? Yes.

Can this unwanted anger be eradicated? Yes.

Can it be handled naturally? Yes.

No drugs? No. Absolutely not.

Can something be done about it? Yes. Can you be rid of the anguish and agony of anger? Yes. Can you live life feeling a full life again? Yes. Free of being chronically angry.

Is true happiness possible? Yes.

The mental ill-effects of anger are found in the reactive mind.

You do not have to be an angry person if you do not want to be.

You do not have to stay a victim to angry people if you do not want to.

Dianetics is the solution. But the choice is yours. 

“The reactive mind is possessed by everyone. No human being examined anywhere was discovered to be without one or without aberrative content….

Dianetics is a natural counseling therapy that anyone can learn and for millions it has been effective. People are all different. But the reactive mind is what they all have in common. Buy this book and work it out.  Learn it for yourself. Understand yourself. You read it. You judge.

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