Dianetics and Scientology in Canberra

Dianetics and Scientology in Canberra

This site is about Dianetics and Scientology in Canberra. It is based on, and promotes, Dianetics books by their author L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard

Dianetics simply means through mind. The first book was a typed manuscript in 1948. 1948

Soon, a small following began, gathering momentum. The first published book, Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health, was in May 1950 and went to the top pf the New York Times best Seller list, month after month. The Dianetics movement then intensified all over the USA.

L. Ron Hubbard demonstrating early Dianetics methods in 1950. (Source Wikipedia. Photo possibly subject to Copyright.)

Lectures were given, many hundreds of which were recorded, and groups started which soon went overseas. More books followed and the movement intensified and reached Australia, and then Canberra. Dianetics and Scientology in Canberra grew.

Read for yourself why these books rivetted so many. Find out how their minds could be freed from what was truly enslaving thoughts and emotions. If you think you may have irrational thoughts – and you do, destructive emotions – and you do, you need to read just one of these books immediately. See for yourself.

There are course rooms to assist you. There are also courses online now. Some lectures are available.

Dianetics is better experienced than theorized. But even just knowing where one’s irrational thoughts and actions come from helps. But the theory is also fascinating. The mind, it turns out, is not a nebulous concept. It is a precise instrument that you can control. But first you need to know what your mind is. It is not the cellular organism you term your brain. It is not the cells in your brain. It is not you either.

If you were asked to explain what a library was, you may suggest it is a collection of rooms or buildings that house a collection of books and or periodicals and so on. But then, would it be a library if those books only contained paper? Would it be a library that only held books with paper? What about the ink? Or should a library contain something else? Should it be the information? Knowledge? Usable knowledge, wisdom?

Likely, the mind could be likened to be what contains knowledge. Your brain, would be the library, the physical walls, and books, including paper and ink. But the knowledge is what you seek in a library. It is not the paper and the walls and windows.

So, a mind, where you cannot find your way, which blocks you from finding what you seek, will frustrate, upset, and make you experience wrong emotions.

Imagine going into a library in search of books on how to help your life, and all you ever get are periodicals on how to repair old cars. You end up aimlessly wandering around the aisles searching each shelf – and maybe after ten thousand books, you find one that may help. You expectantly open it, but find that the words are in a foreign language. What do you do?

Your mind is like that library. It is badly messed up. Much of it is inaccessible. And much of it leads to irrational decisions and wrong emotions. So, find out what is in your mind. Then find out what life is really about when your mind is helping you, not thwarting you.